The Courville mission statement is simple:
“To enhance the lives of all those we touch.”

Staff member with a patient. The Courville mission is to enhance the lives of everyone.The Courville mission is our guiding principle and our daily challenge. We believe that we not only affect the lives of the residents under our care, but our co-workers, visitors, guests, family members, vendors and any person who walks through our doors or contacts us for any reason. The actions each Courville team member takes on a daily basis to enhance the lives of others is the core of who we are as a company and healthcare provider.

To enhance the lives of all those we touch.” It’s a simple statement that takes the dedication, commitment and teamwork of every one of our team members. Our mission is our guiding principle, our daily challenge. We ask “What am I doing today to enhance the lives of those I touch?” Those actions and decisions can be simple to complex.

To that end, we provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in an upscale environment with outstanding dining and personal care services. Our residents are treated with the utmost respect, and with a daily schedule based on choices, are encouraged to be active and fill their days with new and rewarding experiences. We set a standard for quality that is a source of pride for all our residents, their families, and our staff. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care and services for our residents and promote quality of life for them.

Our vision statement:

At The Courville Communities, we are also guided by our vision.

We envision: Setting the standard in innovative care, partnering with our communities, and inspiring our staff to create new opportunities, promoting happy, healthy living.

Quality of life is greatly important to us, and you can see that in our staff — both administrative and medical.  Every employee shares a love for their job and holds a special place in their heart for the residents that they care for day after day.

We ask that you hold us to our mission and our vision and join us in enhancing the lives of those around us.