Employee Spotlight: Rebecca Handlin

What is your position?

My official title is Accounting Assistant, but I’m more of a receptionist for the business office. If someone calls the office, I then am able to direct them where they need to go, or transfer them over to any of the facilities. I also help with the paperwork and processing of residents.

How long have you been with The Courvilles?

I’ve been with The Courvilles since December of this past year, so a short time. But! I’m absolutely loving it.

Can you share a little bit about your journey to The Courvilles?

My background is in sales, so being here is a nice change of pace. This job sort of found me by accident. I was really unhappy in my sales job and knew that I needed something new. Someone from the company had seen my resume online and reached out to me. I interviewed and the rest is history! I actually had family that had stayed with The Courvilles previously, so I already knew and trusted them from my own personal history with the company. The Courvilles are definitely a trusted and well-known name in not only the New Hampshire/Manchester community, but also in the elder care industry.

What does the process look like for families looking to move a loved one into The Courvilles?

Usually a family or some family members will come in for a tour of one of the facilities. We try and walk them through all aspects of the community and then they would apply to be a part of the community. We cover things like care plans, amenities, the apartments themselves, dining options, and answer any questions they may have. When someone is admitted into a facility, I check that the information is all valid and is completely filled out and get it entered into our systems. We keep track of information like resident medical records, any next of kin items so that if something were to happen we know who to reach out to. We can also help families locate loved ones if they call the office, we are able to look at their file and connect them to the resident.

Do you have any great/standout/memorable moments from your time at The Courvilles?

Yes! In the summer, we are able to do little cookouts for our residents. Just to get outside, have lunch and connect with one another is a nice change of pace. Our business office is near the Manchester location, so we like to go have lunch with our residents and hear their stories about how they got to The Courvilles and what it was like when they were growing up. It’s really interesting to hear different people’s stories and see a group of people from all backgrounds in one space. Also, some of the residents who meet the business office members tend to feel like they belong to a community, knowing who is working with and for them. A lot of times, other facilities can feel like a holding tank instead of an actual home. Here at The Courvilles making this a comfortable, welcoming, home is our focus and goal each and every day.There was one lunch where I was talking to a woman who was tiny, she could barely fit into her wheelchair. She was a sweet little woman who told me about what it felt like to drive a car for the first time. She had waited until she was older, I think in her 20s at the time, and there she was this small woman in this big machine. It made her feel great to reminisce about a happy time in her life, and was a really interesting story for me to get to know her.

What do you believe sets The Courvilles apart from other facilities?

I would definitely have to say the number of activity opportunities for residents is big here. We often have live music, fun crafts, Bingo is a big hit – there’s just always something going on for them to feel a part of something and mingle with each other. What really sets The Courvilles apart is how in depth we can get with our residents. We like to know everyone’s name, and make them feel wanted and loved. It’s a community and we want to make sure everyone feels a part of it.

For those on the fence about assisted living for their loved one, why should they choose The Courvilles?

If anything, come meet us! Come in and see the facilities because they really sell themselves. From the moment you walk in, you feel welcomed. Our facilities don’t feel like an elder care facility at all, it really does feel like home. We walk you through every step of the way from admissions, to care and discharge. We really want you to feel like you understand what’s going on and feel connected.

A little more about Rebecca:

I have taken additional educational classes thanks to The Courvilles, so I continue to learn and get better at my job. The Courvilles really take care of their employees just as well as their residents, which is really nice. Also, I’ve been a lifelong New Hampshire resident, I live Manchester so having a 10-minute commute to the office is great! In my spare time, I enjoy being a beauty influencer. I’m a big fan of cosmetics and beauty, so I’ve become a brand ambassador for a couple different companies who send me products to try out, review, and then share with my Instagram following. It’s great! I love it.

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