Life at Courville Communities—Where Better Living Begins.

Woman reading in our library. Life at Courville is different for each of our guests, residents, family members and employees.For over 50 years, The Courville Communities has existed to provide care options for older adults. We hold true to that promise today. Our community is designed to accommodate the individual needs and preferences for each and every resident. In that way, life at Courville is different for each of our guests, residents, family members and employees.

For some, they are just passing through on their road to recovery and home. Their goal is strength and wellness through dedicated therapy as they work towards their goal of returning home.

For others, they’ve chosen to call one of our 4 centers home, and here, they entertain family members, make new friends, and find the comfort of receiving many of their healthcare services under one roof.

For others, they stay with us for a few days so that their caregiver can take a vacation or just take some time to themselves.

Whatever the reason for their stay with us, we are focused on providing a safe, comfortable, home-like setting where health and wellness is a top priority but the things that make life fun aren’t forgotten! You never know what might take place during the day in our centers—it might be a fun game of bowling, a movie and pizza night, a performance by a local singing group, or we might jump in the car and go for a drive to see the Christmas lights (during the holiday season) or head to the lake for a picnic (when the weather is right). We encourage you to come for a visit. You are invited to be our guest for a meal (our chefs want to tempt you), and meet and talk to our current residents and staff members. Ask them what life at Courville has brought to them.  We think you’ll find that Courville really is “Where Better Living Begins.”