We believe that life revolves around the kitchen table. Our fine dining reflects that.

Two people in the dining room with a server. Our fine dining experience is about more than the food; it's about friends and family.Our fine dining experience is about more than the food – although our food is excellent; it’s about the kitchen table. After all, that’s where many of life’s moments take place—we come together here to begin and end our days, we celebrate here, we work through problems here, we gather with family and friends and we mourn here. We at The Courville Communities know that food not only nourishes our bodies, but our souls as well.

Each of our kitchens is run by culinary school-trained executive chefs with years of experience under their belts. They work with our dietitian to provide flavorful and nutritious meal options for our residents and their guests.

Meal time in our centers is a great time for guests to visit, as we enjoy entertaining both our residents and their family and friends.

We offer a multitude of choices during breakfast, as this meal is served made to order as residents make their way into the dining room.

Lunch and dinner are served restaurant style in our dining rooms and our residents order their preferred meal of 2-3 options presented. Of course, if none of the day’s menu options appeals to a resident, our kitchen staff is able (and willing) to prepare them a meal to their liking.

Perhaps the best part of meal time is when the dessert cart arrives. We are conscientious of dietary restrictions and have a variety of options to offer our residents and their guests.

Our chefs have been known to prepare recipes from our residents’ cookbooks, and do attempt to utilize locally grown and sourced fruits and vegetables.

Some local products used in our kitchens include Laurel Hill jams and jellies, fresh produce from The Fruit Center, fresh seafood, dairy products and other items throughout the seasons.

Let us know if you’d like to enjoy a meal as our guest while you explore your senior living options. We’re always happy to share a meal and give you a little taste of life at Courville.