We offer a range of senior care options.

Man with dog. Pet therapy is just one of the many activities for that we provide with our senior care options. As a long-standing and dedicated community healthcare partner, we pay attention to the ever-changing needs of the seniors we serve and are proud of the many different senior care options we provide. From short-term rehabilitation services to long term nursing care and everything in between, The Courville Communities works every day to provide the right service options to seniors.

The world of senior care can be confusing and daunting. We can help you understand the different options as you navigate not only our website, but the choices that exist. For example, Assisted Living regulations vary by state and in the state of New Hampshire, they vary by license. We can help you understand the differences and also guide you to know what type of setting might be right for you or a loved one.

The ideal time to begin talking about and educating yourself about senior care options is before the need arises. It is important to understand the options and familiarizing yourself with available alternative living arrangements is an essential step on your journey to find the right setting for your loved one.

We understand that this is a decision that requires much thought and comes with many questions. We encourage you to take a tour of our centers and sit down with our licensed case workers who will be able to answer the questions you have about long-term care.

Do you want the convenience of independent living? The mix of independence and care of assisted living? Or the advanced care of a long-term center? We provide many different care options throughout The Courville Communities. All of our options include the convenience, personalization, and services you want and need. Let us help determine which one is right for you.