Courville Communities has the rehab services you need.

A therapist helps a resident in our Strength and Wellness center, used in our rehab services.As a community healthcare partner since 1980, The Courville Communities is a leading provider of advanced clinical care and rehab services. The Courville Communities’ Strengthening & Wellness Centers partner with an advanced team of therapy professionals who are dedicated to each individual guest and their journey to their highest level of independence.

When you or a loved one needs additional care or therapy to recover from surgery, an illness, an accident, or other obstacles, a short-term stay in a sub-acute (skilled nursing facility) setting provides the necessary care to aid in your recovery. Through a combination of nursing, therapy, dietary, and other services, short-term rehab is oftentimes the key to a successful return home following a hospital stay.

Rehabilitation Services are offered at The Strengthening & Wellness Centers at The Courville Communities. The therapy and care provided during a rehabilitative stay allows guests to regain strength and mobility, and is the best way to ensure they will be able to return home safer, stronger and healthier. Short-term rehab stays have been proven to decrease re-hospitalization and are the perfect bridge from hospital to home to allow for additional healing. They also allow family members the time to set up in-home services, should that be needed.

Understanding the ins and outs of a short-term rehab stay can be daunting, especially when Medicare and private insurance are involved. offers information on skilled nursing facility stays.

Therapy is available seven days a week in our centers.

During a rehabilitation stay, you can rest assured that along with the needed therapy, you or your loved one is receiving 24-hour nursing support from our skilled and friendly staff, many of whom have been with The Courville Company for over a decade.

Our Rehab Services

Our rehabilitation stays provide outcome-oriented programs in the following disciplines:

  • Nursing services are offered by our professional nursing staff with the goal of returning each guest to his or her highest level of functioning. Discharge planning starts at the time of admission, incorporating those skills and techniques needed to have a successful transition to home by a confident patient.
  • Physical Therapy applies to those who need assistance in regaining physical strength, balance and coordination. Some may also receive aid in fall prevention, caring for wounds and other special needs.
  • Speech Therapy is often needed by those guests who have suffered a temporary illness such as a stroke or seizure. Speech therapy includes relearning how to speak, relearning how to swallow, regaining memory, and the ability to problem solve.
  • Occupational Therapy is part of the therapy plan of our guests who are seeking assistance in maintaining some or all of their independence by regaining the ability to perform daily tasks such as dressing, cooking, laundry, and ironing, as well as light cleaning activities.
  • Respiratory Therapy addresses cardiopulmonary diseases and conditions by designing a specific treatment plan to return each guest to his or her optimal pulmonary function while promoting an understanding of the disease process.
  • IV Therapy is often the fastest route to deliver medications and fluids throughout the body. The nursing staff in our skilled nursing centers is trained to provide intravenous therapy.