At Courville Communities, we’re always looking for new ways to make our guests’ stays more comfortable, while at the same time enhancing their well-being. That’s why we’re excited to announce the recent addition of new, electric, adjustable Tempur-Pedic®  beds in all of our centers. The beds are not only 4” wider than a typical hospital beds, they also have several features that help us can make a guest’s stay with us is as restful and restorative as possible.

The mattresses are made of a high-density, temperature-responsive material with fluid-like properties that provides optimum support by increasing the body area in contact with the surface. Billions of microscopic cells flow gently around the patient, conforming to the body, for a level of comfort beyond that found in foam or “memory” foam mattresses.

The material used in the beds has been shown to effectively treat and lower incidence rates of significant pressure ulcers; provide proper body support and alignment for effective pressure management; and give relief to high-risk patients by through pressure prevention.

Our new Tempur-Pedic® beds are just one thing we’re doing to make sure all of our guests get the best, most comfortable care possible at Courville. Please watch the video to learn more. Then, make an appointment for a tour so you can see everything the Courville Communities have to offer!


At Courville Communities, we have built our success on being the place for families to turn to when it’s time to consider alternative options for a healthier, safer, and less-isolated living arrangement. For more information, click here.

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